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CDBS cap restored to $1000 per child

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CDBS cap restored to $1000 per child

In December last year, in the wake of a concerted campaign by the ADA and the invaluable ongoing support of Labor and the Greens, in particular Catherine King and Richard Di Natale respectively, the Government announced that the Child Dental Benefit Schedule would be retained.

It was a significant victory, tarnished only by the Government’s decision to reduce the cap to $700.

Today, however, following an urgent discussion yesterday between ADA President Hugo Sachs and the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, which was precipitated by the decision of a cross section of Senators to oppose cuts made by the Australian Government to the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) cap, the Government has advised that it will be restoring the cap back to its original figure of $1000.

The reduction to $700 would have led to more than 1 in 4 children who use the Scheme – around 250,000 children – facing the very real possibility of not having all their treatment needs met. With dental disease in children on the rise – figures show that 4 out of 10 children aged 5 -10 and 3 out of 10 children aged 9 -14 having decay in their baby and permanent teeth respectively – any kind of reduction is bad news for the oral health of these children.

However today’s decision by the Health Minister means that the CDBS, which has proven itself time and again as a critically-important investment in the dental health of disadvantaged Australian children and a key template for the ADA’s Australian Dental Health Plan, will be able to continue to provide the high level of care needed.

The decision to retain the original cap amount has been warmly welcomed by ADA President Dr Hugo Sachs.

“The Minister has acted decisively. He is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to supporting the CDBS which is a strong investment in early intervention for children’s dental health. Today’s announcement is an example of how the Senate, and the Australian Government have combined to support policy that has been proven to help these children access the care they need.”

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Dentist Blacktown Sydney : 5 Dental Care Tips For Healthier Teeth

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Dentist Blacktown Sydney : 5 Dental Care Tips For Healthier Teeth

1. Brush your teeth at least twice daily:

Make it at least 2 minutes each time you brush. Most people never make it to 2 minutes when they brush. Brush your teeth in a circular motion instead of doing
it in a back and forth direction. To avoid scrubbing too much, hold your toothbrush properly in a 45-degree angle.

Dentist Blacktown Sydney Infographic  5 Dental Care Tips For Healthier Teeth2. Floss your teeth to remove plaque in between teeth:

First, don’t forget to wash your hands before flossing. Prepare an 18-inch long floss. It’s better that you have it a piece of floss long enough you go through your
teeth one by one. Be gentle when you slide the floss between each tooth to avoid hurting your gums. Form a C shape and carefully pull the floss upward starting
from the gum line.

3. Limit sugary foods to avoid teeth decay:

Eating too much of these foods is like feeding the bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria causing plaque use the sugar from food to convert it into acids. The acids
will weaken your tooth enamel until cavities start to develop. Therefore, the more you eat sugary foods, the more you acids bacteria produce.

4. Quit smoking and drinking to avoid yellowing of teeth:

Whenever you smoke, you bring a lot of harmful chemicals to your body. These substances are known to be cytotoxic which are bad for your body’s cells and
tissues. It affects the blood vessels in your body. The chemicals from tobacco cause discoloration of your teeth. The same thing happens whenever you drink.
Colored liquids from wines, beers and many other types of liquors stain your teeth and will leave you getting bad breath.

5. Use mouthwash to keep gums healthy:

Mouth wash help you lessen the bacteria inside your mouth. It will freshen up your breath. There are different types of mouthwash sold in the market today.
There are dental rinses with anti-plaque ingredients and there some that are alcohol-free (called natural mouth wash).

Dentist Blacktown Sydney:

On top of these helpful tips, don’t forget to visit your dentist at Winning Smile Dental Surgery in Blacktown for your dental checkup. Visit your dentist at least
twice a year so that ou can maintain good dental health. Your dentist can also identify if there are any early signs of teeth disease.

Call us on Winning Smiles Dental Surgery 02 9622 3333 or book your appointment.

Children Dentist- Winning Smiles

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Children Dentist – kellyville | Parramatta | Blacktown | Sydney

Children Dentist Kellyville - Winning Smiles Dental SurgeryChildren Dentist serving infants, children in Blacktown, Parramatta and Kellyville in Sydney. At Winning Smiles dental surgery, we help children dentistry as a comfortable, highly important part of their health dentistry. It is the first thing you notice about a person and the last thing you remember. At Winning Smiles We aim to ensure each patient receives the highest possible quality of dental care.

We specialize in providing highly service for infants and Children Dentist Kellyville. Our goal is to establish great oral health habits early in your child’s life. To respect the trust parents place in us by allowing us to care for their children.

Prevention and education are important in our practice, and we take seriously that you and your child need to understand how to take charge of and protect your child’s oral health.  We are always available to answer questions about your child’s dental needs and the services we can provide for your child’s ideal treatment. Early regular visits to the Children Dentistry Parramatta will build a trust that will help children prepare for a lifetime of good dental check-ups.

Winning smiles dental surgery provides ongoing assessment of the changes in your child’s oral health. Being an expert in dental development, she monitors your child’s needs and provides advice and treatment to ensure a winning smiles as a specialist of children dentist.

Winning smiles dental surgery experienced Dental team look forward to helping you give your child the best dental health.  A gift they will enjoy for the rest of their life.

We are specialist as a children dentist serve across the Blalcktown, Parramatta and Kellyville with the specialty for infants and Children Dentistry Blacktown.

Our experienced Dental team believes that your smile is a reflection of you. It is the first thing you notice about a person and the last thing you Remember At Winning Smiles We aim to ensure each patient receives the highest possible quality of dental care.